Charts, Pogo and Laura McCabe.

1. Two charts I saw this week that make me happy.

2. Pogo is a musician-slash-dj who takes classic movies and meshes some of the words the characters say with electronic music, and in the process beautiful music is made. Pogo is most famous for his Alice in Wonderland mix:

And he just recently came out with a Toy Story version, which I love:

3. I recently discovered an amazingly talented beader, Laura McCabe. She’s been around for a while, I just didn’t know about her. I remember when I was right out of college, I saw a necklace she designed that won an award, and I was like I WANT THAT. She is completely focused on making her pieces complicated and perfect, which I can appreciate, and she sometimes uses false eyes as focal pieces, which appeals to my macabre side. Also, one of her pieces is a dodecahedron, which is my favorite polygon to say. All-around fabulousness. And she makes a living doing this! Additional fabulousness.

How Laura makes her living is by teaching classes and selling patterns and kits, so if you want to make one of her pieces, you can find a bunch of them here:

Bonus Thing totally unrelated to any other thing: This has to be one of the creepiest pictures I have ever seen. Courtesy of Awkward Family Photos.

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  1. Great shout-out for Laura McCabe! Here’s a nice interview with her from just last week:

  2. […] am a bit obsessed with Laura McCabe lately (I’ve blogged about her before) because when I was in Michael’s a few weeks ago, I saw her book Embellished Beadweaving. I […]

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